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Dr. Z Chiropractic Joint Pain Relief

Joint pain can be either mild or severe. It can be a sign or arthralgia or arthritis. The discomfort and pain is caused by friction where two or more bones meet. Stiffness can occur in the joint, which can flare up when you move the joint. Mild cases of joint pain can be treated at home. Hot or cold compresses are placed on the area of discomfort. Topical analgesics are sometimes placed on top of the area to soothe the ache. However, if joint pain is reoccurring it can become more severe and develop into chronic pain in the joints.

Joint pain relief can also be treated with analgesics as well as alternative treatment such as chiropractic care. In most cases, joint pain is felt in the knees and hips. However, joint pain can surface in any place within the body in which two bones meet.

Left untreated, joint pain can cause emotional or physical stress upon the body. Dr Z Chiropractic will first determine whether you suffer from limited movement in the joints because of pain and then take appropriate measures to alleviate this type of pain and discomfort.

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