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Dr. Z Chiropractic Neck Pain Relief

The neck consists of seven small vertebrae. These vertebrae are also known as the cervical spine. Surprisingly, these seven vertebrae that make up the neck are all that supports the head. The neck is also responsible for the movement of the head, which usually weighs up to 12 pounds.

The neck is often under a lot of stress due to improper sleep positions, aging, injury, repetitive movements, accidents, and other forms of trauma. In some cases, the spinal balance can become misaligned due to emotional tension and turmoil.

The upper back and arms can become stiff and tender due to chronic neck pain due to postural stress. If left unresolved, it can become chronic. Chiropractic care involves determining the cause and teaching about preventative measures to reduce or eliminate neck pain in patient who undergo chiropractic treatment.

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