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Chiropractic care focuses on treating nervous system disorders as well as musculoskeletal disorders that may present themselves due to several factors. These factors can include injury, age, illness, or even genetics.

The body can also become stressed due to daily activities. Repetitive movements, poor posture, old injuries, sleep patterns, and dietary choices may be some of the causes of stress to your body. Stress can cause your body to send a signal to your brain which will lock up your spine as a way to protect it. As a result, the joints in your body as well as your muscles may stop working the way they should.

Chiropractic care uses diagnostic measures to evaluate the cause(s) of stress on your body and uses natural methods to alleviate the cause of stress. Stress levels can cause emotional and psychological problems which can create havoc on your nervous system and spine.

A healthy spine is flexible and stress-free. With chiropractic care the root cause can be determined and treatments are implemented to relieve the pain. In some cases, chiropractic care is enough to relieve the symptoms of pain and in other cases, chiropractic care supplements traditional medicine in alleviating the pain and stress on the body.

Myofascial and muscular work, joint movement, muscular, posture, foot mechanics, balance, and core strength is corrected and strengthened using chiropractic treatments.

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